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Promotional Campaigns

We create dynamic and inspiring content. Designing a look and feel, and telling your brand story in an engaging way for your digital marketing campaign.
MKA produces creative content and exciting motion graphics, making an integrated look throughout the entire campaign!
Event: R&D Summit Barcelona

We love music

We've worked with, among others:
Stone Roses
Ed Sheeran
Taylor Swift
Capital Radio

Highlight videos produced on-site

We also shoot on site and create highlight videos that can be shown on the closing session of an event. This creates a high production feel and lets delegates know they are part of something special.
Our on site highlight videos add a professional close to an event and some exciting content to share with delegates and clients.
Event: Splunk UK London

Creative Immersive content

Our 3D work flow and technical partners lead to imaganitive real-world solutions
Enquire about Immersive designs
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